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Manuka Glass is an international collaboration conceived and curated by Nacoca Ko in Autumn, 2019. It is made of artists, architects, designers, and musicians, who are interested in subjects such as the impact of algorithms on society, computer generated aesthetics, biomimicry, entanglement with nature, and post-anthropocene futures.  

With dreamlike prose, “Incantation” wanders past a posthuman apocalypse, reverberating the prophecies of our current and near-future dystopias.

The video constantly evolves through remote online cooperation, expanding and contracting, morphing its way across various platforms on the internet. It adapts its duration, format, and content according to the medium that presents its ethereal message.

Keeping with the rhizomatic nature of the internet, contributors were connected through the unknown algorithms of Instagram. After reading the text, they responded with relevant video clips to sections that resonated with them.  

The text was written, and the project was initiated a few months before COVID-19. In retrospect, it was an unsettling harbinger of the months (and years) ahead of its creation.

“Incantation” screening, and videos of individual artists from Manuka Glass at The Wrong Biennale 2021 and other platforms.







concept, text, editing: Nacoca Ko, Geneva, CH
music: NuR, Geneva, CH

Vasilis Antoniou, Athens, GR

Sarah Asif, Dubai, UAE

Connor Bell, Montreal, CA

Mitchell Craft, New Orleans, LA, USA

Marc Ferrer, Brussels, BE

Phaidonas Gialis, Cologne, DE

Dave Greber, New Orleans, LA, USA

Gwenba, Wales, UK

Brian Matthew Hart, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Nacoca Ko, Geneva, CH

David Schnitman, San Fransisco, CA, USA

Ulrich Schraermeyer, Hessen, DE

Débora Silva, London, UK

Mike Voropaev, St. Petersburg, RUS