For several years, Nacoca Ko’s work questions technological issues; urban existence juxtaposed with ancient tribal cultures; the relationships between humans, machines, and nature; the private and public space of virtual communication, and the growing anxiety linked to acceleration. To explore these different themes, which are currently so relevant, she engages a wide range of media, from photography and collage to installation and performance, including text, sculpture and a practice itself which is “digital”, by its design, its interactivity or its virtuality.

In her last series “POST-ANTHROPOCENE ARCHAEOLOGY” she invites us to enter a fascinating universe mixing present, past and future for a deep reflection on our responsibility with regard to the apocalypse, as well as to other species, post and trans-human or technological, in the present or in dialogue with  the future. Nacoca Ko unfolds in depth a creative fantasy around the “Post-Antrhopocene” from “Hyper-objects” - artifacts of our civilization in full decomposition / recomposition, standing as concepts that transcend the human experience of time. She arranges this testimony in scene as if viewed through the knowledge of future archaeologists and museums of a different millennium, in a narration mixing true and false, revealing the immensity of Deep Time, and proposing possible reinterpretations through concrete footprints of our consumer goods.

- Frédéric Elkaim, curator, teacher,
art advisor