Nacoca Ko

My work helps me explore personal, collective, and projected consciousness, as we are hurled in acceleration toward the Post-Anthropocene.

We build our machines to mimic ourselves, mimic our dreams. And the rate we accomplish this increases exponentially in every domain, until we find it is our machines that become the dreamers.

While we rush toward an increasingly complex hyperreality, what intuition are we trading in along the way? What did those ancient sages, looking up at the unmapped sky, feel without knowing? What can we save from them, trusting our imperfect human vessels, without only relying on the precise discipline of technology for solutions?

Inspired by the latest advances and approaches to progress, I remain critical of its implications on cultural phenomena such as the invasion of individual privacy, rampant narcissism, or neglect of ethical issues posed by artificial intelligence.

Paradoxically I am fascinated by ancient and living civilisations and tribes, coexisting on this planet while finding truth from a completely different reference frame. How we view our future is defined by how we see ourselves now, and this comparison with the past or cultural alternatives - gives us a way to see our society more objectively, across a greater timespan.

I grew up in many different worlds, including a culturally mixed suburb in Florida, a Moroccan family in Israel, and an art commune in the mountains of New Mexico, where I spent a lot of time with my uncle, the late artist Bill Gersh.

I am particularly interested in the works of artists such as Rafael Lozano-HemmerJames Bridle, and Hito Steyerl, pioneering through new media technology with immediate reflection on our society and humanity.

Technique - My artistic practice involves concrete sculptures, waste recuperation, acrylic painting, video projections, Photoshop collages, Illustrator drawings, iPhone photographs, and other physical constructions with the help of anonymous robots. 

Nacoca Ko currently works and lives in Geneva and Tel Aviv.


+41 797933921




Studied at HEAD, Haute École d'Art et Design, Geneva

MAMCO, Art Now

Boston University School of Communications- Graphic Design, Art History, Advertising for multimedia

NY School of Visual Arts, Lithography, art theory

workshops in media design, sculpture, photography, painting


Ingredients of Pavillionesque, Paulina Olowska

Biennale Sculpture Garden, Artgenève

8 juin 2018

Nacoca Ko, DAF La Reliure

Anti-Facial Recognition Intervention- 

maquillages, prothèses faciales, autocollantes 

25 mars 2018

URL Fighters, Victor Le

19 janvier 2017



2019 Geneva Espace L

Nacoca Ko

2017 Geneva Arcade M

2017 Tel Aviv Tiny Gallery, Murielle Street Art

2015  Cercle des Bains Mosh Ben-Ari

Collage prints +  Visual Design

2015  Gallery Bernard Picenni

2014  Tel Aviv Gallery 3361 Sharon Pazner

2014  Taos New Mexico Magpie Gallery

Boston, MA Light Sources Gallery


2019 Geneva

Espace Témoin
5 îles / 4 elles / 1 il

2018 Geneva

DAF La Reliure

Nacoca Ko, HI-TEK Utopia 

2016  Geneva

Mapping Festival

Video Show Workflow, Pfadfinderei

Projections Workshop and exposition

2015, 2014  Los Angeles, CA


Electron Salon

2015-16  Taos, NM

Magpie Gallery

Curation, design of exposition space

2014 Geneva

Mapping Festival

NY Mappathon Exposition 

2014, 2013  Los Angeles, CA

LACDA Snap to Grid

Boston, MA

Light Sources Gallery, 

Boston CyberArts Festival